• Up to 25% Fuel Savings On Any Car or Truck of any size!

  • Save hundreds of dollars on costly fuel additives

  • Reduces deposits in fuel lines thus reducing fuel pump wear

  • Helps keeps fuel injectors cleaner

  • Reduces idle speed up to 25% after 1 mile of driving
    without effecting horsepower or performance

  • Helps reduce costly tune-ups which can save
    you hundreds of dollars a year

  • Cleaner burning fuel keeps spark plugs cleaner

  • Works to reduce deposits on valves and
    other internal engine parts

  • Cleaner burning fuel reduces friction thus less wear on engine

  • Helps Improve combustion and performance

  • Engine runs smoother

  • Saves on fuel when operating at constant speeds

  • Safe for all types of gasoline and diesel fuels

You Will Spend $22,000 on Gas Over Your Car's Lifespan!


(Note: The Gas Mojo™ is not recommended for hybrid vehicles)

"Before installing the gas mojo I filled up my work car every seven days. Since installing the unit I now fill it every 10 days. Thank You, Gas Mojo"
- Tina J

"I was extremely skeptical of the Gas Mojo.... I do a lot of city driving and instantly felt a difference in performance, smoothness of acceleration.... My husband does a lot of long distance driving and he ended up getting four more miles to the gallon with the Gas Mojo."
- Erica & Ross P, Texas

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Listen to the inventor John Graham
discuss the Gas Mojo™ with Dr. Hildy®

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4/24/13- Dr. Hildy® and John Graham – Gas Mojo & AtomsWaterWand | One Cell One Light™ Radio - Website


Special "In-Line" versions of The Gas Mojo™ for professional vehicles & drivers!

For Commercial, Industrial & Other Professional or work vehicles using gas or diesel fuel needing powerful savings & improved engine performance


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